Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Magically Theatrical Bizzare!

At Saturday 10/24/09 at 2AM we broadcasted our Radio Theatre/Eccentric Spoken word show. This show can be heard right now by selecting "archives" then "Magical Mystery Show" at .

And what a weird one it was. We had two guests come in, and the first one tricked us into playing a Hole song. Granted maybe we should have taken a closer look at the disc, but we figured this mutual friend knew what we were all about. Now no offense to anyone out there into Courtney Love's band "Hole", but frankly we can't stand her music and would never willingly play it on our show. So when you hear Hole being played on the archives, imagine us in the background arguing and condescending this guest as to why we should ever play Courtney Love anything. I offered to "pretend it was an early April Fools joke" then the guest got upset about that, proclaiming that it had "one of the best bridges in all of rock", DJ Raddude wanted to fade it out, once again our guest got upset and demanded it be played or he leave. So we let it finish. We bit the bullet on that one. After all we should've checked to see what it was. Then our guest read a poem that I think he wrote right there in the studios. The poem was much more in line with what we wanted for our theme.

We played man on the street interviews, some Scharpling and Wurster/Earls & Jensen (Depressed Office worker), a bizarre tale recorded from BBC radio, and eccentric radio cuts from Sounds of the Northeastern Freeform DJ.

Then, towards the end of our last hour, our second guest showed up. Though we didn't realize he was going to be a guest. We like it when things get random so we gave him some mic space. I wouldn't say our guest was hammered, but he was feeling thick. The last fifteen minutes of the show was pure banter as our guest was informing us of the best places to meet strippers after hours in Nashville. What ensued was complete improvisational goofiness, and random cheeky commentary about various Nashville establishments.

"The best thing about Cafe Cocoa? Where else can you go buy a $7 peanut butter and jelly sandwich at three in the morning, other than for free in your own home?"

These random shows are my favorites, and our personalities play out very well on this one. Check it out!

Magical Karaoke Deliciousness.

Sorry to not update this blog for all two followers, but lets give a re-cap of the last couple of shows.

Karaoke show went down smoothly (10/17/09) all the zanieness, both scripted and spontaneous, went down as planned and expected. I kinda thought we would get into a bit of trouble with the hate call dedications (Vandy University/Metro nashville Police Department) but it cycled out of the archive without a hitch. Out of earshot out of mind.

The karaoke show kinda foreshadows the depths that The Magical Mystery Show is headed towards. It is quite possible that Granma Doris, Little Billy Jenkins, Slobodan McVodka, and Morgan (so long as he doesn't broadcast the word "fuck" at 10,000 watts again) will likely make appearances in the future. The ideas of the personalities were planned, but what they said was completely improvisational. This makes things interesting for us (the hosts) and hopefully you (the listener).

Hopefully you checked this show out on the archives last week at . The archives seem to play best on Real Player. Since then I've heard there were a bunch of Real Player haters out there. I personally don't have enough of an opinion on the download to merit a critique. Seems to work fine on my end. Also its free, so who cares.

Until we are able to post up our complete archives onto the blog, I would recommend you download each weeks show into your realplayer app. This will store it into RP for you to listen to in the future. I also hope to download all archives onto mp3 discs. If you think you would be interested in something like this, e-mail us at . Until demand gets rather large, I would likely give these away for free. If I start charging (which wouldn't be much) I would make it a point to provide some artwork with it.

Magically Mysterious Influences

So what drives the magical mystery show to do what they do? Well...a love of music of course. A love so thick that listing them all would be an all day affair. But musicwise what we've been finding most appealing lately has been things like Jonathan Richmond, Daniel Johnston, Free Jazz, 60's garage rock, memphis garage rock, classic era country music, and late 60's and early 70's film scores for softcore german porn. This is just to name a few.

But other than musical influences, other radio elements inspire us and remind us why radio can still be a powerful tool to be both inspirational and creative.

To start off WRVU has, for years, been airing great theme shows that has provided middle Tennessee with interesting music. Most of which gets little to no play on pop radio.

The D-Funk Show
The Old Record Shoppe/Ken's Country Classics
Shalom Nashville
Loud Love
The Hipbilly Jamboree
Out Ov the Coffin
Gummy Soul

and many more shows (including The Magical Mystery Show) can be found at in the archives. We encourage you to look around.

There is another, brilliant, freeform station that comes out of Jersey City, NJ called WFMU. This station is highly influential to The Magical Mystery Show. In our offtimes we often stream WFMU and subscribe to the many podcasts that they provide. Shows like Seven Second Delay, Do or DIY (This show proved to me that mashups can be really interesting), Night People, The Evan "Funk" Davies show, Dave Emory, and personalities like Douglas Rushkoff set a standard for freeform radio that sets guidelines for what The Magical Mystery Show attempts to offer, and what it hopes to offer in the future. Go to and learn more about this great freeform experience.

Another staple of WFMU is, of course, The Best Show with Tom Scharpling. This is the show that really makes us do what we do. Listeners of The Best Show can possibly notice the subtle odes we give to The Best Show during episodes of The Magical Mystery Show. Go to to learn more about the best freeform program on the air right now. You can also podcast the bestshow through iTunes. In fact, when searching for podcasts just put WFMU into the searchbar for hours of entertainment. We hope to have a podcast of our own very soon.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Magical Mystery Show!

Hi, we're DJ Raddude and T-Wheels and we would like to encourage you to check out our radio show The Magical Mystery Show! on 91.1 WRVU Nashville.

Our show comes on @ 2AM to 4AM every Saturday morning. (or late Friday night if you prefer)

For those outside of the middle Tennessee area you can stream WRVU live at

At you can also find our show for the past week under the archive link, and learn a little something about us by clicking on DJ Bios.

This blog will be our main site for all things Magical Mystery Show! So bookmark this and don't forget to listen.

By the way, WRVU is a freeform/college radio station that is broadcast at 10,000+ Watts from the campus of Vanderbilt University. It is with many thanks to radio legend Ken Berryhill (The oldest living radio DJ in the world) that WRVU has reached such success for Nashville and its surrounding counties. (As well as parts of southern Kentucky and Northern Alabama)

Like most every College/Freeform radio stations, DJ's do not get paid for their service to the studio. It is simply for their love for music that they work hard to put together playlists, scour for CDs, and spend hours perusing through record stores.

If you have a local freeform or college radio near you, please do your part by listening and supporting them. (but don't forget to stream WRVU at in the privacy of your own home) Freeform stations represent the last vestiges of true radio in the world today by offering you something other than music that isn't Top 40 garbage. Major radio stations are only corporate doghouses designed to brainwash you, Freeform radio is here to enlighten and provide you with varieties and themes that cannot be found on conglomerate stations.

What about satellite radio you say? have to pay for satellite radio. So fuck satellite radio. 91.1 WRVU Nashville is free and online for you listening pleasure.