Monday, November 30, 2009

Magical Mystery Show! now PODCASTED!

Much apologies to the few followers of this blog for not putting in nearly enough update time. They say for a blog to be successful you gotta post once every 24 hours. It would also help if I traversed the blog-o-sphere and sent a follow to many I admire to help generate a sense of community.

Now once every 24 hours seems like a bit much. I'm a busy man that always has something to do on a creative level. So I'm gonna gun for at least once every 48 hours.

To continue filling this void the Magical Mystery Show blog will start posting players of recent shows, profiles of rare artists, viral videos regarding our themes, and even some album reviews. The Magical Mystery Show will also begin some pre-production projects to provide the show with some more comic variety.

Oh, and for about a couple of months the Magical Mystery Show has been podcasted! I can't seem to find it through an iTunes search (even though some people have told me they have. odd.) but if you go to you can subscribe through the iTunes link, as well as other feed links, provided on the page. Subscribing will automatically download our latest episode. Take a look at the page and click the download button on the three other episodes. If you're dissatisfied, then i'll refund what you paid. (it's free)

You can also befriend Magical Mystery Show! on myspace, though I check it not quite so frequently. It seems myspace has been left a barren of bad hip-hop.

My personal facebook page has been instrumental in getting the podcast started in terms of subscriptions and feed views, so feel free to look up "Bobby Shamwell" from "Nashville" and befriend him for more Magical Mystery Show! updates.


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