Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Magical Karaoke Deliciousness.

Sorry to not update this blog for all two followers, but lets give a re-cap of the last couple of shows.

Karaoke show went down smoothly (10/17/09) all the zanieness, both scripted and spontaneous, went down as planned and expected. I kinda thought we would get into a bit of trouble with the hate call dedications (Vandy University/Metro nashville Police Department) but it cycled out of the archive without a hitch. Out of earshot out of mind.

The karaoke show kinda foreshadows the depths that The Magical Mystery Show is headed towards. It is quite possible that Granma Doris, Little Billy Jenkins, Slobodan McVodka, and Morgan (so long as he doesn't broadcast the word "fuck" at 10,000 watts again) will likely make appearances in the future. The ideas of the personalities were planned, but what they said was completely improvisational. This makes things interesting for us (the hosts) and hopefully you (the listener).

Hopefully you checked this show out on the archives last week at http://www.wruv.org/ . The archives seem to play best on Real Player. Since then I've heard there were a bunch of Real Player haters out there. I personally don't have enough of an opinion on the download to merit a critique. Seems to work fine on my end. Also its free, so who cares.

Until we are able to post up our complete archives onto the blog, I would recommend you download each weeks show into your realplayer app. This will store it into RP for you to listen to in the future. I also hope to download all archives onto mp3 discs. If you think you would be interested in something like this, e-mail us at augustusthecat@gmail.com . Until demand gets rather large, I would likely give these away for free. If I start charging (which wouldn't be much) I would make it a point to provide some artwork with it.

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