Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Magically Theatrical Bizzare!

At Saturday 10/24/09 at 2AM we broadcasted our Radio Theatre/Eccentric Spoken word show. This show can be heard right now by selecting "archives" then "Magical Mystery Show" at http://www.wrvu.org/ .

And what a weird one it was. We had two guests come in, and the first one tricked us into playing a Hole song. Granted maybe we should have taken a closer look at the disc, but we figured this mutual friend knew what we were all about. Now no offense to anyone out there into Courtney Love's band "Hole", but frankly we can't stand her music and would never willingly play it on our show. So when you hear Hole being played on the archives, imagine us in the background arguing and condescending this guest as to why we should ever play Courtney Love anything. I offered to "pretend it was an early April Fools joke" then the guest got upset about that, proclaiming that it had "one of the best bridges in all of rock", DJ Raddude wanted to fade it out, once again our guest got upset and demanded it be played or he leave. So we let it finish. We bit the bullet on that one. After all we should've checked to see what it was. Then our guest read a poem that I think he wrote right there in the studios. The poem was much more in line with what we wanted for our theme.

We played man on the street interviews, some Scharpling and Wurster/Earls & Jensen (Depressed Office worker), a bizarre tale recorded from BBC radio, and eccentric radio cuts from Sounds of the Northeastern Freeform DJ.

Then, towards the end of our last hour, our second guest showed up. Though we didn't realize he was going to be a guest. We like it when things get random so we gave him some mic space. I wouldn't say our guest was hammered, but he was feeling thick. The last fifteen minutes of the show was pure banter as our guest was informing us of the best places to meet strippers after hours in Nashville. What ensued was complete improvisational goofiness, and random cheeky commentary about various Nashville establishments.

"The best thing about Cafe Cocoa? Where else can you go buy a $7 peanut butter and jelly sandwich at three in the morning, other than for free in your own home?"

These random shows are my favorites, and our personalities play out very well on this one. Check it out!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_JWVOacE0kc

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