Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Magically Mysterious Influences

So what drives the magical mystery show to do what they do? Well...a love of music of course. A love so thick that listing them all would be an all day affair. But musicwise what we've been finding most appealing lately has been things like Jonathan Richmond, Daniel Johnston, Free Jazz, 60's garage rock, memphis garage rock, classic era country music, and late 60's and early 70's film scores for softcore german porn. This is just to name a few.

But other than musical influences, other radio elements inspire us and remind us why radio can still be a powerful tool to be both inspirational and creative.

To start off WRVU has, for years, been airing great theme shows that has provided middle Tennessee with interesting music. Most of which gets little to no play on pop radio.

The D-Funk Show
The Old Record Shoppe/Ken's Country Classics
Shalom Nashville
Loud Love
The Hipbilly Jamboree
Out Ov the Coffin
Gummy Soul

and many more shows (including The Magical Mystery Show) can be found at http://www.wrvu.org/ in the archives. We encourage you to look around.

There is another, brilliant, freeform station that comes out of Jersey City, NJ called WFMU. This station is highly influential to The Magical Mystery Show. In our offtimes we often stream WFMU and subscribe to the many podcasts that they provide. Shows like Seven Second Delay, Do or DIY (This show proved to me that mashups can be really interesting), Night People, The Evan "Funk" Davies show, Dave Emory, and personalities like Douglas Rushkoff set a standard for freeform radio that sets guidelines for what The Magical Mystery Show attempts to offer, and what it hopes to offer in the future. Go to http://www.wfmu.org/ and learn more about this great freeform experience.

Another staple of WFMU is, of course, The Best Show with Tom Scharpling. This is the show that really makes us do what we do. Listeners of The Best Show can possibly notice the subtle odes we give to The Best Show during episodes of The Magical Mystery Show. Go to http://www.friendsoftom.com/ to learn more about the best freeform program on the air right now. You can also podcast the bestshow through iTunes. In fact, when searching for podcasts just put WFMU into the searchbar for hours of entertainment. We hope to have a podcast of our own very soon.

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