Monday, October 5, 2009

Magical Mystery Show!

Hi, we're DJ Raddude and T-Wheels and we would like to encourage you to check out our radio show The Magical Mystery Show! on 91.1 WRVU Nashville.

Our show comes on @ 2AM to 4AM every Saturday morning. (or late Friday night if you prefer)

For those outside of the middle Tennessee area you can stream WRVU live at

At you can also find our show for the past week under the archive link, and learn a little something about us by clicking on DJ Bios.

This blog will be our main site for all things Magical Mystery Show! So bookmark this and don't forget to listen.

By the way, WRVU is a freeform/college radio station that is broadcast at 10,000+ Watts from the campus of Vanderbilt University. It is with many thanks to radio legend Ken Berryhill (The oldest living radio DJ in the world) that WRVU has reached such success for Nashville and its surrounding counties. (As well as parts of southern Kentucky and Northern Alabama)

Like most every College/Freeform radio stations, DJ's do not get paid for their service to the studio. It is simply for their love for music that they work hard to put together playlists, scour for CDs, and spend hours perusing through record stores.

If you have a local freeform or college radio near you, please do your part by listening and supporting them. (but don't forget to stream WRVU at in the privacy of your own home) Freeform stations represent the last vestiges of true radio in the world today by offering you something other than music that isn't Top 40 garbage. Major radio stations are only corporate doghouses designed to brainwash you, Freeform radio is here to enlighten and provide you with varieties and themes that cannot be found on conglomerate stations.

What about satellite radio you say? have to pay for satellite radio. So fuck satellite radio. 91.1 WRVU Nashville is free and online for you listening pleasure.

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